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Transforming Big Ideas
Into World-Changing Businesses

C9 Investments provides funding and support for entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses to turn disruptive ideas into world-changing businesses. The firm has helped build and accelerate the growth of pioneering organizations. C9 provides flexible capital solutions to growing lower to middle market companies, customizing each investment based on the needs and objectives of the businesses they are funding.


for a Better World

C9 invests solely in businesses who are dedicated to empowering individuals, corporations, and customers using cutting-edge strategies, solutions, and technology. Although C9 Investments has a diverse portfolio of investable interests, every single company shares the same big picture goal: 

To create solutions for a better world.
Regardless of industry, customer base, or market, C9 invests in industry changing opportunities that are leveling the playing field for consumers.


Long-Term Businesses

Exponential technology development is leading to an increase of new businesses entering the market and even more businesses closing their doors as their technology becomes dated faster than ever before. All of C9 investments and partnerships are with businesses who provide long-term solutions to timeless problems. Every investment opportunity is vetted to ensure the investable opportunity is adaptable to technology development and can grow alongside market changes.

The C9

Investment Fund

The C9 Investment Fund is comprised of private equity, managed by the C9 executive team, and held in risk averse accounts. Every single investment opportunity goes through a rigorous vetting process to ensure 100% of investment criteria is met. Once the vetting process is complete, appropriate funds are released to individual investment partnerships as per the investment agreement.

Ongoing Capital Support and Financial Backing

C9 Investments seeks long-term relationships to support evolving companies and provide growth opportunities that would otherwise be unreachable without financial partners. C9 investments and partnerships provide everything from leadership advisory, cash flow management, financial backing, and ongoing capital investments required for growth.

Investment Criteria

C9 invests in industry changing, long-term focused businesses who are providing solutions for a better world. Investments are awarded on an application-only basis after a strict vetting process. Investments can be awarded to start-ups as well as proven lower to middle market companies. Every business seeking an investment or partnership must have an exemplary leadership team, entrepreneurial spirit, and track record of success.
Investment Criteria Includes:


  • Annual revenue of at least $500,000
  • Promising growth trajectory
  • Predictable cash flow
  • Prepared for growth


  • Historical success and profitability
  • Strong leadership and management teams
  • Focused on providing timeless solutions
  • Providing cutting-edge strategies by disrupting the industry norm
  • Model capable of scalable growth

Industry Sectors

C9 Investments pursues investments and partnerships with businesses that are focused on providing long-term solutions to timeless problems. The majority of investments include businesses focused on leveraging technology and data to empower consumers in an uncontested market space. Investments in these first-to-market solutions include technology, professional services, data-driven solutions, and financial services.

Investment Structures

C9 caters each investment and partnership agreement to provide the greatest value and growth potential possible. Every agreement is tailored to support the growth goals and objectives. Investment structures are negotiated based on need.


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